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  • Dec 27, 2022

UPLift Affiliate Program ToolsThank you for your membership to the UPLifter Affiliate Program through Gifts that UPLift powered by Ultimate Productions.

1.  CREATE SIGN-IN The next step is to create your Sign-In information with your Username and Password at this link here: https://www.ultimateproductions.ca/signin.htm.  Click "Create New Account" to begin.  Your member number will then be e-mailed to your submitted e-mail address.  This member number is your affiliate referral code that you will use when referral anyone to the Gifts that UPLift online merchandise store service. If you forget your username or password at any time, please click "Forgot Password" to re-send or you can contact us at info@giftsthatuplift.com.

2.  EARN:  For each referral to the Gifts that UPLift online merchandise store service, you will receive 10% of sales of the stores that you refer, please ensure you use your membership number each time. Refer as many people as you wish or have the time for.  If you sign up to have a store custom built for yourself, then you earn an ADDITIONAL 10% of each sale.  Orders are paid monthly by report which you will receive for your own record and tracking.  Once funds are generated upon purchases each month, a cheque will be mailed to you, so please provide your full mailing address and contact information when you receive the e-mail request.  Funds are all in CANADIAN DOLLARS.  Only one referral per online merchandise store is allowed so please ensure your membership number is provided at time of referral before store creation. 

3.  TOOLS & RESOURCES:  As an UPLifter Affiliate Program Member you have access to these tools and resources on this page.  Feel free to bookmark to save as favourites on your desktop or mobile device.

Our online merchandise store software platform is called ORDER MY GEAR.  This is the software we use to create the stores.  STORES OVERVIEW here:  https://www.ordermygear.com/stores-overview/

Here are some of the different ONLINE DEMO STORE OPTIONS to browse:  https://www.ordermygear.com/sample-stores/#.  Maybe you know somebody that could benefit from one or more of these online stores for their business or non-profit organization?

Online stores can win more business and expand into new markets. We offer stores to all types of customers for all types of programs, including:

  • Company Swag
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Holidays and Events
  • Employee Uniforms and Supplies
  • Employee Recognition and Incentives
  • Spirit Wear
  • Fundraising
  • Team Uniforms and Equipment
  • Retail




Check out some of our demo stores to see what's possible:

TikTok Influencer MerchandiseFARM ON
Generate excitement and drive urgency with limited edition items.  Give followers more of a good thing.  Easy pop-up stores for special promos.

A modern online shopping experience making your brand the star. Make a lasting impression with branded gear and apparel.  

Non-Profit Organization FundraiserNORTHREACH SOCIETY
Quickly launch a store to support an important cause or initiative. From community, province/state-wide or nationwide initiatives, we make it simple to help your customers raise money with branded merch and apparel.  Fuel fundraising efforts that support any cause and spread more good.




MARKETING TOOL KIT https://www.ordermygear.com/marketing-tool-kit/

CLIENT SUCCESS STORIES / TESTIMONIALS  https://www.ordermygear.com/success-stories/


FUNDRAISER STORE https://www.ordermygear.com/the-fundraiser-formula-a-tried-and-true-method-for-maximizing-your-impact/

Here are our website and social media for Gifts That UPLift:


Gifts that UPLift Instagram https://www.instagram.com/giftsthatuplift_/

Gifts that UPLift Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/GiftsthatUPLift


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