When You Need To Be Sure…

  • Jun 6, 2022


You are in need of specialized promotional products. You want to ensure the quality of the product and you are on a budget that requires wise spending decisions.  Certainly, you can do all of the necessary internet “legwork’’ yourself. But, such a responsibility takes a huge amount of time, and it is very difficult to ascertain the quality of a product until you have it in your hands. At that time, it may be too late to change your mind.


What you need is someone to conduct the search for you, who understands your need for quality and your need for careful spending.

What you need is Ultimate Productions.

Ultimate Productions provides the two elements you need most - quality assurance and cost effectiveness - while also offering customer service you are not going to receive from other specialty product distributors.

Let’s look at the three ways Ultimate Productions is the best way for you to go when choosing quality promotional products.



When we suggest a company to work with for any speciality promotional product, we are putting our own reputation on the line. It is truly self-serving for us to suggest to you the best quality products for your needs. We are just as invested as you are in the quality of the promotional materials you are sending out.

We are aware that the promotional materials you are purchasing will represent your company in some way. Your current clients and potential customers will recognize a cheap or flimsy product and will subconsciously allow their opinion of the product to weigh upon their opinion of your firm.

We work with hundreds of vendors, and we look at the material they send out to assure that we are working with firms that provide quality material. Because of our own knowledge, we can weigh your need for quality materials with your need to work within your budget to find the supplier that will fit your needs.

Which brings us to …



There are companies who have a massive promotional budget and cost is a secondary concern. That is likely not the case with you and your situation. You need to match your desire for a quality promotional product with the cost of having that product produced. If you are purchasing hundreds or thousands of the items, you are likely to fudge a bit on the quality of the product to get your order in under budget.

This is where searching yourself will absolutely infuriate you. You can find the products you want, and you can look at review sites like the Better Business Bureau or Yelp to determine the quality of the product you will receive. But you will spend hours comparing prices, going back and forth with suppliers to negotiate original costs, delivery costs and delivery schedules. In the end, you will make a decision, and you will really have no way to know that you made the wisest choice.

At Ultimate Productions, we not only fully understand how our suppliers price their product, we are also aware of vendors who host a huge savings event each month on certain products. There is no way for you to know that when you conduct a search on your own.


Customer Service

Ultimate Productions will find you quality promotional materials at the cost you have in mind. We will help you manage delivery times, understand all the charges you are likely to see, and keep an eye on your order until you are satisfied.

At any time during the process of your order, if you have questions or concerns, we are here to help. Of all the factors that go into choosing to work with Ultimate Productions, the most important one is the knowledge that you will receive the best customer service in the industry.

So many customers have commented to us over the years about the wonderful customer service they have received. When we started, we were determined to offer top-level customer service because we are a small firm that depends on repeat clients to survive. We eventually discovered that our level of customer service was the highest in the industry, which only made it easier for us to continue to offer the best support possible for future customers.


Once or Always

Whether you are making a one-time promotional purchase or frequently offer promotion materials to clients and potential customers, working with Ultimate Productions will help you find what you want at a cost you can afford to be delivered in a timely manner.  Connect with us today.  E-mail info@ultimateproductions.ca, direct message us, or call or text 780-882-5331.

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