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Online Merchandise Stores for Non-Profit and Charity Organizations


Our Mission:

Leading the industry in unique custom merchandise by uplifting others one gift at a time

Our Vision:

To bring happiness to others through gift giving and to help others feel appreciated, recognized, and motivated



We help make fundraising easier for non-profits and charities.

We know the work you do in our community is so important so we are offering a complimentary online Gifts that UPLift fundraiser store service.
Our online fundraiser stores through Gifts that UPLift are unique because you would select logo promotional products with your branding, items that you need and the organization can put to use right on site. Connect with us for an UPChat to discus the needs of your organization and we will get to work coming up with store ideas. Items from your “Wish List” which could be a number of items, possibly plush teddy bears, journal pen sets, awareness ribbons, event t-shirts, and so much more! Choose from hundreds of custom items that are specific to your organization's mission and vision.
After the items are selected by your organization and you are happy with the way it looks, the site would go live to your supporters/donors who then purchase items your organization needs and wants to run your programming and services. All these items ship direct to your non-profit or charity at no cost to you. There is no cost to set-up the store either. Maybe you need items like playing cards, games, socks, plush teddy bears, custom logo journals and pen sets, strong memo magnet clips for medical documents, clipboards, bags, soaps, volunteer appreciation lapel pins & gift sets, etc.
The only leg work would be sharing your store link online to your supporters that purchase the custom branded pre-selected items (by you) that get shipped directly to your location, and thanking them after they purchase when the supplies arrive (or sometimes they might wish to donate anonymous) if you wish to.
An optional funds tracker could be added to the store also but not necessary if you already have one on your site too. All funds donated by supporters minus the credit card/site fees are sent monthly to organizations with our Gifts that UPLift stores.
Non-Profit and Charity customers of Gifts that UPLift get FREE custom branded items and a low-effort funds generation tool. Often the people in society who are in need, are the most overlooked. They need resources, services and programs that charities and non-profit organizations offer. To fill the gaps and provide dedicated resources to help the most vulnerable. Let us help charities and non-profits continue the great work being done and tell their brand story while getting the items and funds they need when they need them.

How does it work?
1. APPLY for a free store: Fill out charity or non-profit organization application, then click GET A FREE STORE
2. UPLoad and UPChat: Send in your logo on the artwork uploader and schedule an UPChat to discuss needs.
3. REVIEW, LAUNCH, SHARE: Select or de-select items, launch store and share with supporters and donors
4. GROW Receive items and funds to utilize in programs, events and fundraisers
A Link to a DEMO store, not in use yet, to get a visual idea here: Grande Prairie Family Education Society Fundraiser Store
Here is a link to a company store we have going for customer, with over 100 agents in Canada showing a large selection of items:
To learn more here is a link to view some of our demo stores, see below.
Store Features:

-Quick and easy setup, just apply for a complimentary store and start selecting your items
-Free custom product needed to run fundraisers, programming & events
-Unique online branding options from banners to videos and more!
-Easy store sharing on all social platforms to funders and supporters
-Items shipped direct to you to be put to use in programs and events right away
-Funds sent direct to organization (from funds tracker optional feature)
-No set-up costs
-No inventory
-Items shipped direct to organization
-Bulk order volume discounts
-We can add custom, seasonal items on request
-Efficient turn-around time approx. 3-4 weeks from date of order, for most items, if not sooner (ordered monthly)
-Optional personalization on certain items. Ex. volunteer name embroidered on arm
-no contract, cancel at anytime by sending an e-mail to cancel store.
How does it make the customer's life easier?
-Save money with complimentary products
-Save time sourcing useful branded program items -Precise targeting to audience -A guaranteed increase in brand visibility -Build upon existing relationships and create new ones -A low-effort funds generation tool with the optional funds tracker on the store -Easy volunteer appreciation and donor recognition -Real-time reporting and data; items value, funds collected, donor contact info to recognize and thank.
Top Points
*Store Features & Benefits
*FREE custom branded items and a low-effort funds generation tool, at no cost to the organization, shipped direct to the organization
*Easy way to share with supporters and thank donors
So start your wish list of items your organization needs and connect with us at


“The team looked so professional this year. Thank you!”

- Marina Prystupa, Kickin' Back Boat Rentals 



Select products with your branding and messaging


Share your store with your audience


Earn income from your customized items




Tell Your Brand Story.  Custom Branded items your audience will love.

Your supporters will feel appreciated, recognized and motivated.  Custom branded swag they will love.  From shirts, mugs, hats, bags and more.  Select which items will be perfect for your supporters.  Store items will ship direct to your supporters and you earn from each sale.  No inventory needed, no store set-up fee and choose from a large selection of items.  Fully customizable.  Your supporters pay for the product and you earn, it's just that easy.  Web, mobile and tablet capabilities.



How does it work


Check out some of our demo stores to see what's possible:

School Fundraiser Merchandise

Generate excitement and drive urgency with limited edition items.  Give followers more of a good thing.  Easy pop-up stores for special promos.

Brand Store: 

A modern online shopping experience making your brand the star. Make a lasting impression with branded gear and apparel.  

Non-Profit Organization Fundraiser:

Quickly launch a store to support an important cause or initiative. From community, province/state-wide or nationwide initiatives, we make it simple to help your customers raise money with branded merch and apparel.  Fuel fundraising efforts that support any cause and spread more good. APPLY for FREE Promotional Items too!




 “Thanks SO Much!”

“I LOVE them, thanks SO much” 

- Erin, Embrace it Fitness

 “LOVE the journals!”

“Thanks again, retreat guests LOVE the journals.”  

- Leslie, Inner Sage Ayurveda

“Eye for detail.  Love Tumblers!”

“Thank you, I love my Tumblers. I have never met anyone who goes to as much effort to personalize someone's experience as Carla does.  From sponsoring several local events, to owning her own promotional company, Carla has an eye for detail and a heart of gold.  If you've ever been fortunate enough to have an interaction with Carla, you can also attest to the fact that she is a visionary for empowerment and community.  I appreciate that there is always a bigger purpose behind her work and I value the love & care that Carla gives.  Gifts that UPLift/ Ultimate Productions is where you can go for all your promotional needs.”

 - SammyJo, Lifestyle Rising



You have a gift and it's your duty to share it with the world!  There is only one you!  Sharing your gift, talents and expertise with the world helps others.  At Gifts that UPLiftwe can help share your brand story and UPLift others one gift at time.  Call us UP today to get started!



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